Enjoy yourself and help the world become a better place!

Enjoy yourself and help the world become a better place!


While you’re at the farm, please make sure to get involved to some fun activities hosted by the charities participating at this year’s Nozstock or just hi-five the amazing volunteers who are working hard to improve the lives of other individuals in Hereford, the UK and the world.

Here are a few things you can do to help others while you’re having fun at Nozstock:

Grab a coffee and a bite from The Chicken Cow Cafe and play games at the Human Fruit Machine. 50% of their profits go towards good causes.

Check out The Music Pool’s recruits at The Bandstand. The Music Pool is a community based music charity for Herefordshire and its borders, dedicated to providing chances for people of all ages and abilities to make music.

Cheer up Oxfam stewards! A proportion of our Nozstock stewards are provided by Oxfam every year. With the money Oxfam raise from working at Nozstock they can make amazing things happen like buying 52 cows or 381 chickens for farmers to support their families, provide shelter and clean water for 32 Syrian refugee families or enable 247 young women to attend school in Ethiopia.

Head to Yeleni in the Healing Zone for a massage and unwind. By having a treatment for yourself you help Yeleni deliver free complementary therapy sessions to anyone with cancer and chronic illness in Herefordshire and the surrounding counties. So whether you want a back massage or a few hypnotherapy sessions, £10 of the money you pay for your treatment will go towards supporting their charity work.

Join the Big In The Gambia takeover in the theatre tent on Sunday night, featuring the best of world music inspired sounds. The Gambian Maternity Foundation has been set up to help improve the lives of mothers & babies within The Gambia. Their need is great as the health system there lacks the basic supplies & equipment needed to effectively sustain itself. They organise events to raise funds and awareness, providing information & stories from the Gambia to give people a real insight into the country they help.

Legs4Africa’s founding principle is to minimise waste and maximise life. By collecting redundant prosthetic legs from across the UK and shipping them out to Western Africa, the charity is helping to dispel the isolation that disability can bring. In just two years they have managed to get 1500 African amputees walking again. They will be decorating prosthetic legs whilst on site.

Stay hydrated with FRANK Water Refill bottles. FRANK Water Is a Safe Water & Sanitation Charity, since 2005 they have managed to fund safe drinking water and sanitation for more than 300,000 people in 208 communities. FRANK will be running a FreeFill event at Nozstock selling lovely FRANK Water Refill bottles. People can then fill them for free all weekend at the refill station with refreshing, chilled, filtered water.

Trees for Cities is the only charity working on an international scale specialising in planting much needed urban trees, improving the lives of city dwellers and inspiring children to grow and eat good food. They plant trees in parks, streets, schools and housing estates. The charity began in 1993 and has since engaged over 70,000 people to plant more than 600,000 trees in cities worldwide. They will be making willow wands!

…and for when you get home! Beat the post-Nozstock blues by helping find a cure for Alzheimer’s or Parkinsons. Stanford University’s Folding@home programme is inviting you to donate your unused computer power, to crunch some of the numbers, in order to find a cure and new therapies, which will save lives. Nozstock has been sharing computer power and now you can too by simply clicking on the link above.