Fancy Dress at Nozstock 2019

Fancy Dress at Nozstock 2019

Once upon a time, there was a farm. On that farm lived a family of music lovers who decided to put on a festival. Every year, this festival had a fun theme. They travelled the long and windy yellow brick road to reach their 21st year, and decided it was time for a theme a little more… well a little more magical. Something not within the real world, but far over the rainbow where the unicorns, the flying carpets and Sundays without hangovers exist. Something so green, it lit up the night sky in its beautiful emerald glow. A place where the wizards of comedy, lions and lionesses of DJing and beat-makers with tin drums could live happily ever after. It was decided. 2019 was to be the year of the Wizard of Noz.

To mark this grand occasion, the family decided to celebrate their theme with a little fancy dress. Yes, you heard me!

On Friday, the Noz team kindly ask you to tap your slippers together and raise a glass to the lady who started it all for Dorothy Day. Think blue and white gingham, stripes so strong they’ll scare off the cows, sweet angel hair plaits and your shiniest ruby red shoes; think sweet and lovely Dorothy before she’d had her eyes opened to the wonders of Oz. The more lions, tigers and bears the happier we’ll be and the bigger and more debaucherous the outfit, the better.


As Saturday turns from the wee hours to daytime, we ask you to cast aside your gingham for green! Help us bring the Emerald City to life for Emerald Day in the most beautiful, glittery, gemstoned, glitzy glamour you possibly can. Let your imagination run wild; get bold, get freaky, get all your creative juices flowing that you were too scared to let loose during art class at school. This is your time to shine.



While you may be sitting there thinking this all sounds like a bundle of laughs but, why should I bother? Well, lovely folk, there could be a little something in it for you too. We’ll be out and about checking out the good, the bad and the downright freaky over the weekend, and if your outfit gets the seal of approval, you could bag yourself a little treat. But more to come on that later. For now, remember to grab your tickets before it’s too late, and get bargain hunting in those charity shops!