Food for thought…

Food for thought…

At festivals, food revives your soul and provides a much-needed power-up for the day ahead, but at Nozstock, the food is so much more than just dancing fuel..

This year we’re bringing you some carefully curated culinary magic, balancing the sweet with the savoury, the old favourites with some fresh new faces and the gourmet with the down-right greasy. With some returning favourites and some new faces, one things guaranteed. Seriously tasty grub!

For breakfast we have the aptly named ‘Get Your Oats Here’ serving up traditional oat-cakes and fried breakfasts to rising ravers and families alike. A perfect fuel to start the day… you can’t eat hot dogs for breakfast lunch and dinner! (However tempting it may be…)

Which brings us on to ‘Posh Dogs’, who take hot dog deliciousness to new heights. You don’t have to be a meat-eater to try a brimming bun-full of banger – they have veggie and vegan options too.

Two words for you: Loaded Fries. ‘Pimp my fries’ will be back, bringing their sequin covered trailer to the farm and serving some glittery trailer park realness. These guys know how to fry, and they certainly stack ‘em high. A personal favourite of some of our crew members.

‘Wrappers Delight’ have a wrap for every mood, some meaty, some veggie and some halloumi-y (our favourite). And of course, we’ve got the Hot Rocks team in for Pizza. Delicious stonebaked goodness to keep you going on those warm summer nights.

For dessert? We’ve got ‘Liquorice World’ bringing you some delightfully healthy sweet treats (well, as healthy as sweet treats can be). And once your done delving into sweety goodness, join the gang at Hedonist Bakery for delicious baked treats and artisan coffee too.

Joining the coffee crew we’ve got the Little Espresso Co. down to serve you delightful coffee from their delightful little trailer, while a special mention goes out to Authentic India for bringing a full range of bonafide main-course and side-bites, bringing some different flavours to our array of traders.

We’ve also got Bristol representatives Tasty Ragga down at the farm to bring the taste of the Carribean to Bromyard. Take it from me, these guys don’t mess about. With flavour packed Goat & Chicken curries and a delicious Vegan stew, this lot have something for everyone,

Last but by no means least, we have the old favourite, our loyal ice cream man: ‘Split-screen ice-cream’.
And that’s just to wet your appetite, we’ve got plenty more where that came from but you’ll have to be there to taste it…