Food trader 2019 applications open!

Food trader 2019 applications open!

We’re all partial to a bit of grub and we’re on the lookout for the tastiest traders in town to keep all of you Nozstockers and all of us nicely fed next year!

Apply here!

Need help with your application? Read this!

Applications close 31st March 2019. We receive thousands of applications each year so do not expect an immediate response. It can take several months to make final selections. We may be in touch for further information.

Nozstockers…if you’ve got a particular pitch that tickles your pickle then let us know in the comments below!

Noz HQ x

Comments (10)

  • John Stoddart

    Bring back happy Hereford please

  • Ryan Mackie
    You should definitely consider these guys! Have lots of different choices of food from around the world and they cater for vegetarians all at a reasonable price!

  • Lucy Champiin These two lads should definitely have a spot at nozstock! They’re been attending the festival for years and after all the hard work they’ve put into creating their delicious business they should get the chance to showcase their talent at one of their favourite festivals!!

  • Octavia Moules

    Would love to see Wraps & Baps! They cater for all food types and everything’s really fresh. Don’t catch them enough as they’re up and coming but would highly recommend them to anyone looking for something tasty.

  • Callum

    Wraps n Baps! Tried there food at Welsh Fest was some of the best food I’ve had in a long time!

  • Tula

    There’s nothing like a nawty bacon bap in the morning. I tried one from Wraps and Baps last season and it was just perfecto. Definitely worth considering to have on the Noz site for 2019!

  • Izzy

    Please bring wraps and baps to the festival !! They deserve the Nozstock love having attended for 8 years as punters, would love to see them in the fields when i return. Worked for them at a festival last year and they are crazy hard workers, and the food is absolutely delicious!

  • George Williams

    I’d love to see wraps n baps at nozstock! The food tastes great and they’ve got some great veggie options at a reasonable price!

  • Max Thompson

    In agreement with the people above! Wraps and naps is run by two really sound guys who love the festival and are exceptionally hard workers! Have attended with them for many years and punters and know it would mean a lot to them to be able to bring their business to your festival!

  • James Key

    You guys should check out Mr scrumpy. Cider slush puppies great addition to any festival . Saw those guys at noisley last year .Soooo refreshing on those hot summer days nothing beats an ice cold cup of slushy apple goodness.