Camplight at Nozstock

Camplight at Nozstock


If you’re not one for glamping but the thought of battling with poles and pegs makes you shudder then Camplight offer just the thing for you.

They will pitch a tent for you as a frills-free service and take it down again at the end of the festival. Yes, that’s right; your tent is pitched and ready to go when you get on site. No more lugging tents, no more erection arguments, no more muddy sadness packing away on the last day! You won’t even have to play the ‘how did that tent ever fit in that bag game’.
And you’ll even be doing your bit to be green! All the Camplight tents are handpicked from those abandoned at UK festivals, helping clear events and reducing waste.

If this all sounds like your ideal camping experience then hop online and book your spot in the Hidden Valley this year…

Comments (4)

  • Emily

    The link only says 404…..?! NEED INFO

  • Ryan

    Hi There,

    A few of my friends and I have booked a yurt and we are looking for a few of our friends to camp as close as possible without being in trouble for being in the yurt campsite. Are the camplight tents situated near the yurts? If not do you know where would be best for them to camp?

    Any advice will be appreciated,


    Ryan x

    • Ella

      Hi Ryan – Yep the camplight tents are near – in the same field in fact – approx 30 metres away x